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Goldfish Tea Bags by Charmvilla

Give the gift of luxury & charm

"The relationship between tea leaves and water is as natural as a goldfish swimming in water." -reddot21 global design

You've fallen in love with Charmvilla's goldfish tea bags. So have we. We are proud to announce that these elegant boxes of charm are now available for shipment starting March 2015, arriving to you summer 2015 at the latest. Standard shipping is available worldwide and complimentary on select items. 

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USA: USPS Priority 1-3 day ($5) or Express 1-2 day ($20)
International: $20 Shipping worldwide
Single Tea Bags
Single goldfish come individually wrapped as pictured and make perfect gifts! Gift Wrapping Coming Soon.
Box Sets
Gorgeous boxes enclose 12 smiling goldfish.

About the Goldfish

The concept of Charmvilla is to add elements of charm and passion to products. Goldfish Tea Bags are made entirely by hand via a 16-step process. These steps require exquisite handcrafted skills by Taiwanese artists in order to display the ultimate craftsmanship of the Goldfish Tea Bag. Among 300 applicants, 28 were chosen for their immense skill. The complex process is to highlights the majestic artistry of the Goldfish Tea Bag.

So, welcome. Settle in, take a seat. Waft the curled steam slinking slowly upwards from your tea cup. Relax. Goldfish Tea Bags & creative novelty tea bags allow you to do just that. Let go of your monotonous daily grind - how dull things can seem day after day. Mindfulness is the antidote. The appreciation of the every day - savoring your cup of tea, drop. by. drop. Elegant tea bags anchor us back to the charm in our everyday lives, drawing our attention to the elegance of savoring the joyful luxury of a hot cup of tea, a moment suspended in time. Magnificent beauty, meticulously handcrafted with care in 16 precise movements by skillful artisans, captivates your attention - allowing you to savor every drop of every moment.

When the tea bag is brewed in hot water and begins to swell, the shape of a goldfish begins to form. The mouth of the tea bag is designed with a special cotton thread, Pulling the thread enables the tea bag to move in water. Creating a natural rhythm of moment from the fluctuations of the water. A life-like goldfish appears to be swimming in your tea cup. The concept of the Goldfish Tea Bag echoes its manufacturer’s cultural appeal – Creating charming products, enjoying a charm filled life. When the beauty of tea culture is delivered through the elegant shape of a goldfish, Tea drinkers can not only enjoy the taste, but also enjoy the fun and beauty of brewing tea with this highly loved, award-winning tea bag. 

About the Teas

Your goldfish are filled with delectable local organic Taiwanese premium teas which are pesticide-free and radiation-free.

RUBY Black: Black Tea Deluxe. The TTES-18 hybrid is a crossbreed between an Assamica strain from Burma and a local wild Taiwanese tea strain. This unique tea exposes the full character and body of an Assam with exuberant, fruity notes of wild plum, hints of cinnamon, and a finishing dash of fresh menthol.

Rose Petal Black: Decorative and aromatic organic rose petals dance among the highest-quality hand-selected black tea leaves.

Jin Xuan Oolong: Jin Xuan translates to "Golden Daylily" and is also referred to as "Milk Oolong" (Nai Xiang) due to its buttery smoothness. This high-mountain grown tea produces a unique soft, creamy, rich, subtly sweet flavor once it is lightly roasted and rolled into semi-balls. Absolutely no milk is involved in the production of real Taiwan ‘milk’ tea. It resembles milk, but doesn't taste exactly like milk. Once brewed, the tea produces a dark yellow, goldfish color (the color of Golden Daylily) and yields a fresh aroma, fresh flavor, and a smooth aftertaste with sweet undertones.

Champagne Oolong: Called "White Tipped Oolong" or "Oriental Beauty", this is a fermented non-roasted oolong produced in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. Natural fruity aromas and produces a sweet tasting bright-reddish orange tea liquor without bitterness. Dried leaves of high quality should exhibit a pleasant aroma with dark purple and brown leaf coloration with white hairs. The Oriental Beauty must be grown in environment of no pesticides and no chemical pollution, which encourages Jacobiasca formosana insect to suck the juice on the tender tea buds, which improves the quality of the tea. The annual yield of Oriental Beauty is low and it is not an easy task to harvest it. Only the tender tip and the two young leaves are plucked by hand. The only downside is this tea does not taste like champagne, contain alcohol, or produce bubbles. For that, you will have to purchase champagne. Cheers!

Oolong - The Taste of Taiwan

Oolong (黄金桂) teas represent the taste of Taiwan. The exuberant and exotic aroma and taste of Taiwan teas are undisputed in the tea world. Taiwan's rich and special soil composition create an ideal environment for cultivating the world's finest, most fragrant teas appreciated world-over. 

Taiwan tea farmers have been riding a new wave of 'Brandy Oolong' - a luxurious, high class category of Taiwanese Oolongs. Our RUBY and Jin Xuan teas are complex Brandy Oolongs. Brandy Oolongs are less oxidized than Black tea and made by separate traditional processing methods. This new class of teas are named for their wonderful, rich amber color and drank by connoisseurs from brandy glasses. Brandy Oolong is suitable for drinking straight, without sugar, honey, or milk. It is a favorite in Taiwan - the younger generation thinks Brandy Oolong is very 'cool' and really love it!


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Swim To Me, Goldfish!